Academic Plagiarism Checker Tool: How It Works?

At ScholarPlagiarism.Com we are committed to the continious fight against plagiarism and dishonesty in general and particularly in the academic field.

Hence, Our tool is carefuly designed with scholar, students and researchers in the mind. Unlike, other "general purpuses" plagaiarism checking tool out there. Our algorithm uses scholar search engines database instead of the normal search engines databases.

We use engines database like Google Scholar and Microsoft Academia. What this gives as in terms of results accuracy is extreamly relevant and worth to check before submitting your next paper to peer review.

Why we are the most accurate

  • We use Google’s index – not our own index
  • Our algorithm identifies key sentences – not random string of texts.
  • You can click on any sentence to verify that they are indeed unique – or not – according to Google.

The creators of plagiarize checker designed this application to be user friendly. For instance you have the option of creating a “white list” of websites that should not come up in results because a user might have copyright of the same content.

On top of being accurate, our software has some useful tools such as bulk-checking URLs or scraping complete domains for duplicate content

This software application is very useful not just for SEO’ers, but also for individual professionals and corporations who suspect they are being plagiarized. This means that people who used to do content stealing often may find themselves in the hot seat once they are tagged as copyright thieves by our tool.