Simple Plagiarism Detection Using Online Services

The plagiarism rules of most search engines, especially Google, are stringent. If you publish an article or a paper and the plagiarism software or algorithms of Google detect plagiarism, your article could be flagged by the search engine. If plagiarism detect algorithm continuously finds similar infarctions on your website or blog, Google could take down the entire thing. You would end up losing all your subscribers and friends, and it would also dent your reputation. This is why you should choose online plagiarism detection tools. Read on to know more about how to detect plagiarism.

First of all, you need to copy-paste your entire article into the service. Good services don’t just check your article for plagiarism but they also offer grammar checks along with plagiarism detection. When you paste your article into the empty space, certain key phrases, words, grammar issues, et al would be highlighted by the software program. When you hover over each problem, you would be given the in-depth cause behind it. For instance, you could have used a comma instead of a semi-colon in some places and the program would highlight it for you.

There are some grammar rules that are difficult to remember but plagiarism tools help to pinpoint these rules efficiently. Thus, when you use a quality plagiarism detection software, you can rest assured that your copy would be without any errors, spelling mistakes and grammar issues.

Another benefit of these services and tools is that they are available online and for free. The paid version usually has advanced features and if you are a student or a professional, these advanced features could help you immensely. Otherwise, you can enjoy the free version and check your work online. Online checking ensures that you don’t waste any time or disk space in downloading the software on to your computer system. Just copy paste the paper or article in the online software and your work would be checked.

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